Hypocrisy Involves The Deception of Others and is Thus a Lie

Hypocrisy is some kind of deception when someone does not want to show himself in front of others what actually he is. It means he is pretending what he is not in real. This deception based behavior shown at many places. Some people show their deceptive behavior in front of friends, family gathering and in front of those where his or her standard of living does not fit or with their accordance. He or she make up his or her honor at that place by lying and feel relief. Hypocrisy may be in beliefs, opinions, feelings, virtues, and qualities.

Peoples who fall a prey to Hippocratic behavior always lie to everyone either they are in their own home or they are visiting any one other’s home or at any other place. Such like people are the victim of discontentment and disapproval by the outer world in their own self. So, they start lying to make their self-fit that situation.

Hypocrisy Makes Our Feelings Deceptive

Hypocrisy makes our feelings deceptive. We show such feelings on others sorrows or joys which we actually do not have or feel at that time. Our behavior should be crystal like clear and strong which clear the other person about you. It means he or she know the reality about you that what you think and feel about him or her.

Our smiles, anger, and love should be real, not fake. This fake behavior makes you happy for a little moment but snatches the other’s smile forever after knowing that your feelings were fake about him. If you love someone than love openly if you cares someone then tell him or her that you care about him or her and if you feel happy for someone it should be a genuine happiness.

Hypocrites Always Shown Bias-ness

Peoples normally have their own style and observational behavior to look or observe the things. At most of the times, peoples show a biased behavior on little things. They like such things which are in their own favor and give benefit to them. They usually negate the things and feel anger on those things which are in others favor and give happiness to them. It means they look such things which they want to look and negate the thing which they do not want to look. They listen those voices which they want, not the others.

Hypocrisy makes us fall in hate of someone and this hater increases day by day like growing plant which at last become a tree of the hater. This tree gets water of tears of jealousy and heat of hate to grow up. This tree, at last, becomes powerful and bore fruit. This fruit is more poisonous than any other fruit and becomes the cause of death of that hypocrite person.

Hypocrisy can Make Anyone a Dual Personality

Hypocrisy can make anyone a dual personality. A man who is not same in his saying and actions is called a hypocrite person. Hypocrite people do not loyal to anyone even not to their beloved ones and anyone else. They even lie to their God and have no loyalty for their creator.

Hypocrite shows willingness for everything in front of their God just for sake of getting a benefit and for show off purpose. This makes the God angry and God starts giving then chances for return back to God. But they consider it relief and think that they can even deceive God. But the reality is that they are deceiving their own self.

Everyone Wants The Truth

When a person wants to know the reality but it does not mean that he is the truthful person by own self. He may be trying to know the fact by lying to someone. It’s not a good thing to maintain honor in society or gathering where he or she exist.

It leaves a bad impression after the reality has been known by others.  If someone wants to become a good person in everyone’s eyes than it is necessary, to be honest with your own self that gives the inner satisfaction and makes your way easy towards the success.

Because honest people always loved by everyone even to God and leave an everlasting impression on their surroundings. It is proved a thing that success always smiles on brave and honest peoples.



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